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Autonomous mobile robot/AMR

First of its kind
AMHR - autonomous multi-handling robot

Versatile use cases

AMHR is using in Automotive, Food&Beverage, Healthcare&Pharma, Packaging, Paper and Printing, Production and many more sectors. AMHR has roles, such as: Moving finished products from the end of production lines to warehouses. Supplying raw materials from warehouses to production lines. Transferring work-in-progress materials between production steps or using itself as production lines, replacing transitional chains and conveyors. Using in warehouses and distribution centres as Picking zone, G2P, piece-picker or flexible sortation and many more.

Pallet Truck
Stationary Platform
Lifting Platform
Lifting Rails
Pallet Lifting
Pick & Place Platform
Pick & Place Lifting
Shelf Platform
Roller/Conveyor Platform
Roller/Conveyor Pick & Place Platform

Deployment in less than a day

Simple, Safe, Scalable Multi-purpose Platform

  • No code, nice user interface allows drag & drop, graphical programming on shopfloor

  • Digital twin, intuitive simple interface

  • AI ecosystem, hides complexity

  • Versatile, flexible, modular platform based solution

  • Fleet management system according VDA 5050

  • Safety standard PLd/SIL2

  • Autonomous localisation & navigation system, obstacles avoidance

  • Fast charging: 12 minutes for 8 hours of typical operation

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Technical Specs

AMHR - autonomous multi-handling robot.
AMHR newest class, combine AMR/AGV/APR/IMR in one product.
Multi-purpose platform on a modular base





Driving system:

Differential drive

Lifting system:

Electromechanical units


LiFePO4 with BMS, charging 12min for one typical working day

Maximum driving speed:


Fleet management:

according VDA5050

Localization and Navigation:

Autonomous multi-level sensing technology



Pallet recognition:

AI based detection technology


Digital twin, grafical interface, cloud based

Light signals:

Colour based indication for working status

Advantages of autonomous multi-handling mobile robot

  • Modular and slim design

    Compact and slim design allows movement easily through narrow aisles.
    Modular design platform can transform in many different structures for using in many applications.
    Adaptable to different carriers such as pallets, cages, boxes and shelves.

  • Pallet recognition

    Rapid AI-based pallet detection identifies each pallets with precision ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

  • Non-stop running

    Fast charging with huge battery capacity provide above 12h non-stop working in typical operation with driving speed 2m/s.

  • Fleet management

    Smart fleet management according VDA5050.

  • SLAM

    Unique multi-level sensing and perception of the environment.
    Automatic routing optimization.
    It can guide along magnetic tape, painted lines, inductive wire or rails, reflectors, natural patterns and more, can reach ±10mm, 1° position accuracy.

  • Battery

    High safety standard battery package LiFePO4
    Automatic charging docking controlled by BMS.
    Fast charging, 12min for 8hour typical operation.

  • Software

    Seamlessly integrated with ERP and WMS systems.

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